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Hey guys:-) toffelina here:-)
I think I’m kinda done blogging for real, it’s getting kinda boring, also for you guys…but I will post when something FUN happens!:) Like next year I’m going
(hopefully) to JAPAN so I’m gonna do a series called ‘ My Japanese adventure’

TTFN!:-) tata for now!


Here come the photos from our bike trip, ýeah i know FINALLY…but…. Here you go…
Notice! the skys different colors! as changes from deeeep gray to not so deep gray:-) also im not the best photographer so my pics are noy great… but they will hopefully do:-)


Fresh Lemonade seems to be just the thing in these warm (well… not in denmark) summer mounths! and making it couldn’t be simpler… this sweet recipe requires just 3 ingredients :

Lemon juice



That means that it wont take tooootoooo much time away from enjoying (wish wish) the suns august rays!

to make two quarts, pour three cups of fresh lemon juice (from about 20 lemons ((20 LEMONS!)))  though a fine sieve into a pitcher, Add 2 cups of sugar, DO NOT use powdered sugar! and stir till dissolved. stir in 4 cups of water and decorate with lemon slices have with mexican food or bbq!:-)

So back to life away from (:-() lemonade… turned on the TV this morning too a happy sport comentater yelling “AND DENMARK TAKES THE GOLD” yahhhh gooooo rowers! both the doubles annnnnd the single got a medal though the later was silver:-) Alsoo we got a new bbq, a HUGE gas one… were testing tonight!!:-) 

Plum sorbet:-)

As you guys can see i looove sorbet! Yesterday i made plum sorbet with our own plums from our plumtree!:-)

It turned out really good and its easy-peasy to make, so heres the recipe i used, really simple and you can add cinnamon (maybe best for winter, just my thought) or egg yolks but i will let you guys decide and just give you the basic recipe :

3,33 ounce water

10-15 medium plums

150 grams. brown sugar (you guys can use “normal” sugar to but the nice richness of brownsugar tastes perfect!)

How to prepaire .

Cut the plums in half and pit them

Put everything in a bowl and blend (til liquid) with an Immersion blender

Put the mixture in the fridge for ½ an hour til cool

If you have an ice cream maker put the cold mixture in the ICmaker and leave for 1-1½ . if you dont  have one, put the mixture  in a bowl in the freezer and stir every 10 minuttes til ice cream is frozen:-)

Bon appetit!

Put everything in a big (medium) bowl and blend til


Rasberry sorbet:-)

Hello! soo this morning i woke up and found out i had “overnightly” joined “The MacLean international youth group”! AWESOME i didn’t even know it existed, not to say that i had magically joined-found out after my mom joined me… And mom if you read this, THANK YOU!… Soo i promised a recipe heres todays :

Raspberry Yogurt Ice-Cream:-)

You need :

500 grams frozen rasberrys (you can use any kinda berry but i like rasberrys)

250 grams caster sugar (powder will NOT doo)

Juice of 1/2 a FRESH lemon

500 grams thick greek yogurt (any yogurt will doo, but greek tastes best)

Prep :

  • Bring the raspberries and sugar with 2 tablespoons water to the boil
  • Blend and sieve (to remove seeds)
  • Re-boil and reduce by a third
  • Add the lemon and cool
  • Whisk in the yogurt
  • Churn or freeze, stirring every 30-40 minutes till set

It’s a really nice ice cream, because it takes maybe…20 minuttes to make, and tastes GOOD!





“How can someone so small be so profoundly irritating?”

The end:)


Im sitting in our office while the rain sheets down, and our cat purs (while lying between the keyboard and computer,haha) Thinking about the AWESOME trips i have been on this summer! from now on till school starts i will be keeping myself in shape,hanging out and organising my loft:) I will alsoooo be folowing the danes as they compete in the olympics, my idol Lotte Friis and my other idol Jeanette Ottesen Gray are competing but it dosen’t look tooo good (yet) But as you say “After a hurricane comes a rainbow” Which im 110% sure is the case:-)